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End the Tyranny of the Six Nations: Let Them Play!

By Julian Ryan The Six Nations rugby tournament has established itself as the premier rugby competition in the northern hemisphere. Originally starting with the home nations of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland in 1883, the French joined in 1910, and … Continue reading

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Calculating the Ridiculous Physics of Disney’s Hercules

By Anthony Zonfrelli and Dmitri Ilushin This post can also be viewed on Deadspin here. Disney’s Hercules: the classic tale of the clumsy boy blessed with superhuman strength who fights to become a hero to rejoin his family on Mount … Continue reading

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TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW: Is Tim Tebow Capable of Adding Value to New England’s Offense?

By Anthony Zonfrelli It’s “Tebow Time” in New England. The Patriots’ signing of the former Broncos star and Jets backup has catalyzed yet another mass analysis of the poor guy. All of New England is now wondering, “What in the … Continue reading

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YouTube Athlete Hall of Fame, Pt. 1

HSAC would like to express its solidarity with the students on campus currently slaving away at their studies. We now present a brief diversion for your Reading Period consumption: the first inaugural class of the YouTube Athlete Hall of Fame, … Continue reading

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The United States of Football

By Andrew Mooney In 2013, it seems safe to say that by almost any measure—viewership, ticket sales, merchandising—America considers football to be its national pastime. Gone are the days when youngsters snuck into the Polo Grounds or Fenway Park to … Continue reading

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At Which Positions Have NFL Rookies Had the Most Success?

By Alex Koenig The NFL draft is an exercise in patience. Unlike the NBA, it is rare for highly touted NFL rookies to make significant impacts at key positions. Sure, a player like Cam Newton will come around every now … Continue reading

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Rethinking the Greatest Performances in Masters History

By Andrew Mooney Cue Jim Nantz and the tinkling piano: the Masters is officially under way. The field of 93 will attempt to duplicate the legendary green jacket-winning performances of years past, including a “who’s who” of golfing royalty: Tiger … Continue reading

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Links We Like: Week of April 1

The best in the week of sports (or sort of sports) analysis: Chris Boyle gives a primer on fenwick, an advanced hockey stat, and reveals how central it is to playoff and regular season success. Heading into the Final Four, … Continue reading

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So Far, 2013 Among History’s Maddest Marches

By Andrew Mooney An already unpredictable season of college basketball got a little bit wackier last weekend. After defeating Georgetown, 15-seed Florida Gulf Coast has received the majority of the Cinderella-centric media coverage, and rightly so, but let’s not forget … Continue reading

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National TV Rondo Actually Exists

By Ryan Fortin Throughout Rajon Rondo’s career, he has always shone under the spotlight. He is, of course, Boston’s best point guard and arguably the best player on the team. But as Grantland’s Bill Simmons has noted on occasion, he … Continue reading

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