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Moneyball: Dead, Alive, or on Life Support?

By Daniel Adler The following article also appears on Huffington Post. This summer, much was made of the end of Moneyball. The teams with the five highest win totals—the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, Phillies—rank 1st, 6th, 9th, 4th, and … Continue reading

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Checking up on Monday Night Football

By Jonathan Adler On Monday Night Football this week, while the mighty Browns were humbled (for the 14th time in 15 games) against the Ravens, commentators Ron Jaworski, Jon Gruden, and Mike Tirico did their best to keep the broadcast … Continue reading

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HSAC in the Wall Street Journal

By Daniel Adler We’ve hit the big-time…an article in the Wall Street Journal (the real deal–print edition!).  The article looks at whether increasing payroll leads to more wins.  The short answer: no. The following graph uses a 9.37% rate of … Continue reading

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Belichick’s Decision: Flip a Coin, or Trust your Team?

By David Roher If you write, talk, or scream about football for a living, you probably had something to say about Bill Belichick’s decision last night. In short, the Patriots had the ball with just over 2 minutes to go … Continue reading

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The ‘SAC Scours the Web: This Week’s Links

Compiled by John Ezekowitz A very interesting expected points analysis of whether to accept a 5-yard penalty for 1st and 5 or to decline and take 2nd and short. [Advanced NFL Statistics] A satirical look at trends in college football … Continue reading

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Pythagoras Weighs in on Patriots-Colts

By Daniel Adler Did you know the Patriots are playing the Colts this week?  Peter King sure does.  As the Monday Morning QB has pointed out, this marks the seventh straight year the teams have played and fifth straight time … Continue reading

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The Curvature of the (Sports) Universe

By David Roher

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