4th and 1 Football Camp

By Daniel Adler

This summer, I spent a week in mid-July in East Texas teaching SAT math at a football/life skills/SAT camp founded by Detroit Lions Assistant Secondary Coach (and Harvard Law+Kennedy school alum), Daron Roberts.  Even though this does not technically fall under “sports analysis” header, it does combine sports with math, so I’m posting it here.

You can find more info on 4th and 1 at 4thand1.org.

Here is a short video put together by our camp’s amazing volunteer videographer, Jun Kang.

It was easily one of the most satisfying sports related experiences I’ve had in my life.  My fellow staff members were incredibly dedicated and the student-athletes were talented, hard working, and appreciative both on and off the field.  It may have taken a lot of coaching, but by the end of the camp they were (almost) as excited about the SAT as they were about football.  If you are interested in getting involved with 4th and 1 in the future, please let me know.

And yes, Texas in mid-July is as hot as you would imagine.

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