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Do All-Star Games Predict Finals Winners? (Or, Another Reason not to Watch the Pro Bowl)

By David Roher Twitter follower Blake Barfield asked us last night if there was any correlation between the conference winner of the Pro Bowl and that of the Super Bowl. I decided to tackle this question for the NFL and … Continue reading

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2010: The Year in Injuries

By David Roher (Also appears on Deadspin.)

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A Tale of Two Units: Boston College’s Historic Offense-Defense Bipolarity

By John Ezekowitz By all rights, Boston College (14-6, 4-2 ACC) should be an afterthought in the college basketball landscape this year. New head coach Steve Donahue inherited a veteran but extremely thin roster in his first year at the … Continue reading

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The 2010 College Football Attendance Rankings

By Alex Koenig Earlier in the week I looked at trends in college football attendance, assessing the effect of a variety of factors on fan attendance from 2008 to 2010. Trends may be more telling than individual cases, but in … Continue reading

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Back to Back Blues? The Effect of Road Trips in the Ivy League

By John Ezekowitz Basketball coaches do not universally agree on much, but I think there are two things they would all agree on: if given the choice, they would rather play at home, and would rather play with more rest. … Continue reading

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What Factors Contribute to Attendance in College Football?

By Alex Koenig A while back, John Ezekowitz and I tackled the question of attendance in the NBA and whether or not there are “must-see” road teams. Not surprisingly, our study showed that the opponent’s winning % was the most … Continue reading

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Were the Saints Right to Avoid Kicking To Leon Washington?

By Kevin Meers Despite all the uncertainty surrounding the NFL – who will win the 2011 Super Bowl, whether a new collective bargaining agreement will be reached – one belief stood as near fact: the defending champion New Orleans Saints … Continue reading

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Bert Blyleven Got In Because Voters Are Irrational, And Other Hall Of Fame Revelations (Follow-up from Deadspin Post)

By David Roher We’re very excited to announce a new weekly-ish column for Deadspin called “Regressions.” I asked for “The John Salley Story Corner,” but it was apparently taken. The pieces won’t be too different from the ones you see … Continue reading

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Momentum in College Basketball: Do Late Rallies Carry Over to Overtime?

By John Ezekowitz Of all the sports announcer’s tropes and standards, the concept of momentum may be the most often used and least well understood. Momentum is frequently cited as an important factor in deciding the outcome of games, but … Continue reading

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