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HSAC Co-President John Ezekowitz Featured in Today’s Boston Globe Magazine

Shira Springer has a great piece in today’s Boston Globe Magazine about John and the sports analytics industry. Check it out!

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Extend the NFL Season? 18 Weeks, Not 18 Games

By Ari Rubin One of the key points of contention in NFL’s collective-bargaining has been the issue of an extended, 18-game season. While owners would like to see the increased revenue of two extra weeks, players worry about the increased … Continue reading

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HSAC Featured in Yahoo’s ThePostGame

Today’s issue of Yahoo’s new online sports magazine, ThePostGame, features a story by Ben Cohen entitled “Moneyball 2.0: Students In Harvard Club Prep To Be Sports GMs.” Thanks to Ben for writing a great piece. We’re especially excited that it … Continue reading

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Re-Examining the Four Factors: The Case for Free Throws Made Per 100 Possessions

By John Ezekowitz Effective Field Goal Percentage. Turnover Percentage. Offensive Rebounding Rate. Free Throw Rate. Ever since Dean Oliver posited these statistics as the most important for explaining how teams score and defend in basketball, these so-called Four Factors have … Continue reading

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A Transcript and Illustration of Kenny Smith’s Glorious Blake Griffin Car Dunk Speech

By David Roher Transcript, compiled by watching this Youtube video: KENNY: Well, we seen a lot of dunks over the dunk…over the great dunk contest, look at this panel, this esteemed panel, that was sitting here, and we’ve seen them … Continue reading

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The NBA H-O-R-S-E Competition Was Mathematically Doomed

by Ben Blatt Perhaps the NBA was hoping for something out of a Larry Bird versus Michael Jordan McDonalds commercial when it debuted the NBA H-O-R-S-E competition two years ago. Instead, they got an excruciatingly slow paced game in which … Continue reading

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Reverse-Engineering Our New Computer Overlords: Watson, Jeopardy, and Sports Decision Making

By David Roher Watson closed the pod bay door on Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter last night, bringing the IBM robot’s 2-game Jeopardy total to over $77,000.  Humans are still the kings of awful robot-pop-culture references (QED), but our monopoly … Continue reading

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