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Ivy League Adjusted Efficiency Margins: Week Two

By John Ezekowitz After another eventful weekend in the Ivy League, its time to check back in with the new Efficiency Margins to see how teams are performing on a tempo-free basis. The rational and computations behind Efficiency Margins, and … Continue reading

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How Much Does NFL Seeding Really Matter?

By David Roher This post also appears on Deadspin. The sixth-seeded Packers are in the Super Bowl, making them the first team since the ’05 Steelers to accomplish the feat. And they’re not the only squad to outperform their slot … Continue reading

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The Big Men on Campus – Keeping Top Football Recruits in State

By Nick Jaroszewicz The spectacle of signing day has made college football fans around America cognizant of the quality of their football teams recruiting classes. A good class can rejuvenate a down trodden fan base and a disappointing one can … Continue reading

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Making The Little Ones Count: Introducing Free Throw Plus

By John Ezekowitz This post can also be found at College Hoops Journal All college basketball teams are unique, but some are more unique than others. If we could quantify uniqueness (don’t tempt me), Wisconsin would certainly be near the … Continue reading

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2011 Free Throw Plus Standings

By John Ezekowitz After the jump you will find the FT+ complete standings for this year.

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Ivy League Efficiency Margins: 2011 Week One (Updated with SOS Adjustments)

By John Ezekowitz Last year, I tracked Efficiency Margins during the Ivy League basketball season. The stat is simplistic in concept, yet it can reveal quite a bit about team performance that is not evident from simply looking at records. … Continue reading

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