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Drafting Quarterbacks

by Kevin Meers Using my previous analysis of career approximate value (CAV) on how to value draft picks, this study analyzes how the results apply to the quarterback position. As the five-month debate on what the Colts should do viz. … Continue reading

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The Exams and Christmas Letdown Myth

This ten day period before New Years marks a pause in the frenetic college basketball schedule. Teams take time off for exams and the Christmas holiday, often not playing games for ten days at a time. Yet almost every team … Continue reading

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How Much is Albert Pujols Getting Overpaid?

By Chris Bruce Big news hit the baseball world yesterday as the Los Angeles Angels announced a $254 million, 10-year contract for 31-year-old Albert Pujols, a strikingly large contract for such an old player, even if Pujols is still a … Continue reading

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Tebow is Still Producing Miracles: An Update

By Chris Bruce and Andrew Mooney A couple weeks ago we did some analysis on Tim Tebow, attempting to explain how he’s been winning games despite his poor statistical performance. Simply put, he has been performing poorly overall but has saved his … Continue reading

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More Chaos: Predicting The Final BCS Scenarios

By Chris Bruce and John Ezekowitz Last week we debuted our BCS prediction model, using it to predict what would happen in the BCS rankings under certain scenarios for the week’s games. Turns out there wasn’t too much chaos as … Continue reading

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