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The College Basketball ‘Goon Squad’

by Nick Jaroszewicz What is a goon? In 2005 John Cheney, then the coach of the Temple University basketball team,  sent in “seldom used” forward Nehemiah Ingram in order to give hard fouls and send a message. While Ingram is … Continue reading

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Calculating Wins Added in Football: A First Attempt

In baseball, wins above replacement (WAR) is one of the best statistics for summarizing the total value of any player on the field. Using Expected Points Added (EPA) and Approximate Value (AV), this post explores the possibility of creating a … Continue reading

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NFL Draft Efficiency Before and After the Rookie Wage Scale

By Kevin Meers With the new collective bargaining agreement came the rookie wage scale and a lengthy discussion of how the rookie wage scale would change draft strategy. Using salary data from, this analysis presents two models for rookie … Continue reading

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Belichick and Brady Address the Media: A Statistical Report

by Ben Blatt and Andrew Mooney You can also read this post on the Boston Globe’s website here Bill Belichick and the postgame podium are notorious for being a lethally boring tandem. Week after week, he stymies reporters with concise … Continue reading

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Nothing Has Changed About NFL Injuries: Update

By Kevin Meers (Huge thanks to TeamRankings for providing the data used in this post) Last November, I wrote a post on how the lockout did not significantly affect injuries in the NFL this season. Now that the regular season … Continue reading

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