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An Analysis of Adam Dunn’s Hall of Fame Chances

by Theo Gerome Another player hit a milestone home run over the weekend. Adam Dunn became the third player this season to hit his 400th career home run on Saturday night. So this is a good time to look at … Continue reading

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Finding the True Border Between Yankee and Red Sox Nation Using Facebook Data

by Ben Blatt A version of this post can be read in the Wall Street Journal here. Like all sports rivalries, picking a side in the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry is almost entirely geographic. Everyone knows as you drive through the … Continue reading

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Final COSTAS Medal Standings

Here are the final COSTAS medal standings, complete through the end of Olympic play on August 12. For an explanation of the methodology behind COSTAS, click here, and here for the COSTAS standings after the first week of the Olympics.

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Who is the Most Dominant Olympian of All Time?

by Andrew Mooney Following the exploits of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt in London, the word “greatest” has been getting thrown around quite a bit. As with any time this word comes out, one has to question just how much … Continue reading

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Dream Over: How the U.S. Could Lose

By Andrew Mooney On Wednesday, the U.S. men’s basketball team begins its gold medal defense in earnest as they square off against Australia in the quarterfinals, a contest the U.S. has been given 1/100 odds to win, according to various … Continue reading

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COSTAS Standings, Week One

by Andrew Mooney As promised, here are the COSTAS standings for the first week of Olympic competition. To learn more about how COSTAS is calculated and what it intends to measure, read my original post here. Medal figures are current … Continue reading

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The Bodies of Champion Gymnasts

by Andrew Mooney Four feet, eleven inches, and 90 pounds is hardly the prototypical physique of a world-class athlete, but as American gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas proved yesterday, it’s more than enough to perform extraordinary feats on one of sport’s … Continue reading

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