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The Mixed History of Rookie Starting Quarterbacks

by Andrew Mooney At its most important position, the NFL is in the midst of an extreme youth movement. A record five rookie quarterbacks started games in Week One, to go along with another five starters in just their second … Continue reading

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This Is The Angriest America Has Been At Referees Since The 2006 Super Bowl

by David Roher What would motivate you to Google “referee?” Nothing good (unless you’re counting sexy bedroom role-play costumes, in which case, uh, nothing good). The above Google Trends graph (updated last night) shows the relative frequency of “referee” searches … Continue reading

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When Playing It Safe Backfires: Analyzing the Patriots’ Final Drive Decision-Making

by Andrew Mooney Here’s a look inside the final sequence of Sunday’s wild 20-18 loss to the Cardinals. For my numbers, I’m making use of the Win Probability Calculator made available by Specifically, I’ll be investigating the Patriots’ decision … Continue reading

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Coming Up Just Short: The Marginal Effect of Being a First Round Pick in the NBA Draft

Inspired by the work of my economics professor Roland G. Fryer on the marginal effect of getting into one of the three premier exam high schools in New York City on academic achievement, I decided to take a look at the … Continue reading

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How Many Years Does Tom Brady Have Left?

by Andrew Mooney For the last decade, the beginning of a new Patriots season has brought with it the realistic prospect of a Super Bowl in a few months’ time. Much of the reason for this—and one of the only … Continue reading

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