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Who is UK’s Team? Or more importantly, who is Mexico’s Team?

by Ben Blatt This is post number two in a series of three posts on NFL fandom. The other two can be read here or here. It’s no secret with the NFL scheduled to play regular season games in London … Continue reading

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Who is Really America’s Team?

by Ben Blatt Author’s Note: This post was prepared long ago, but Facebook itself coincidentally published a very similar study on Monday. There are many different findings between the two studies however, so I encourage you to read both. You … Continue reading

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The Optimal Strategy for Playing Squares

By Nick Jaroszewicz, Anthony Zonfrelli, and Harry Chiel It’s no secret that Super Bowl Sunday is a day full of betting. Super Bowl prop bets are notorious indulgences during America’s most watched game, and one of the most popular games … Continue reading

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One Less Show in Town: the NHL Lockout and NBA Attendance

By Andrew Mooney It wouldn’t have been much of a surprise to see the Grousbeck family sharing one or two celebratory fist bumps on September 16, the day the NHL officially locked out its players. With one less horse in … Continue reading

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Links We Like: Good Reads From the Week of Jan. 21

Player TOI Usage Charts: Over at Hockey Analytics, David Johnson unveils a new way to visualize Time on Ice in the NHL. The Economics of Sports Insurance: The Economist examines the professional athlete insurance market and the various complications it presents. … Continue reading

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Follow-up: There Is No Red Zone

By Kevin Meers Last week, Kirk Goldsberry and I published an article on Grantland that effectively visualized how a team’s Expected Points change with the line of scrimmage, down, and distance. We wanted to highlight and analyze exactly how down … Continue reading

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HSAC on Grantland: There Is No Red Zone

HSAC appeared on Grantland today, examining how Expected Points in the NFL change across game states and how teams can use this information to win games. Read it here.

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