Links We Like: Good Reads From the Week in Sports Analysis

We’re unveiling a weekly feature in which we compile our favorite pieces of sports analysis from the week that was. Here goes nothing:

Nate Silver’s Analysis of the Baseball Hall of Fame Snubs: Nate takes a closer look at some of the intricacies of Hall of Fame voting.

Brian Burke Walks Through John Fox’s Questionable Conservative Decisions: A straightforward takedown of another coach’s failure in strategy optimization

A Rundown of the Role of Luck in Chess: Phil Birnbaum looks at how uncertainty and probability affect the Game of Kings.

To Kick, or To Throw?: A Reddit user’s analysis of whether to kick a field goal or throw a Hail Mary as time winds down in an NFL game.

Chris Brown Breaks Down the Decade-long Success of the Patriots’ Offense: A fascinating look at the reasons behind the malleable, yet always lethal nature of Brady and the Pats’ success.

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