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Coming Up Just Short: The Marginal Effect of Being a First Round Pick in the NBA Draft

Inspired by the work of my economics professor Roland G. Fryer on the marginal effect of getting into one of the three premier exam high schools in New York City on academic achievement, I decided to take a look at the … Continue reading

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Dissecting the NBA Draft Lottery

By Alex Koenig The NBA Draft Lottery was instituted by the league in 1985 after accusations that teams were deliberately tanking to secure the first pick in the draft. The logic went that it was worth a team’s while to … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Carson Palmer Trade

By Alex Koenig Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that the Oakland Raiders traded their two first-round picks in the upcoming drafts (2013 is conditional, and will turn into a second round pick if they don’t make … Continue reading

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What do Matt Kemp and Jered Weaver have in common with Hall of Famers Lou Gehrig and Carl Hubbell?

By Alex Koenig The last time a pitcher and a batter on opposing teams in the same city faced each other in the midst of seasons as good as the one’s LA Dodgers’ Centerfield Matt Kemp and LA Angels of … Continue reading

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The Myth of the “Michigan Man” – Whether or not coaches are more successful at their Alma Mater

By Alex Koenig, Tyler Gamble and Michael Owen Twenty-two years ago, legendary Wolverines football coach turned Athletic Director Bo Schembechler gave a press conference that created one of most overused and ambiguous terms in sports: the concept of the “Michigan … Continue reading

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Scott Howard vs. Teen Wolf or Steve Nash vs. ‘Nique Wilkins

by Alex Koenig The debate over Teen Wolf is at bottom a debate over the soul of basketball, and that’s one reason even people who are not Bill Simmons talk about the movie today. Let’s just state the question plainly. Who, … Continue reading

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The McDonald’s All-American Game and the Road to Success

By Alex Koenig Ever since 1977, fast-food giant McDonald’s has annually held a game highlighting the top seniors, nationwide, in high school basketball. The 791 players who have played in this game hold in their ranks such basketball legends as … Continue reading

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The Big Men on Campus – Keeping Top Football Recruits in State

By Nick Jaroszewicz The spectacle of signing day has made college football fans around America cognizant of the quality of their football teams recruiting classes. A good class can rejuvenate a down trodden fan base and a disappointing one can … Continue reading

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The 2010 College Football Attendance Rankings

By Alex Koenig Earlier in the week I looked at trends in college football attendance, assessing the effect of a variety of factors on fan attendance from 2008 to 2010. Trends may be more telling than individual cases, but in … Continue reading

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What Factors Contribute to Attendance in College Football?

By Alex Koenig A while back, John Ezekowitz and I tackled the question of attendance in the NBA and whether or not there are “must-see” road teams. Not surprisingly, our study showed that the opponent’s winning % was the most … Continue reading

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