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Belichick and Brady Address the Media: A Statistical Report

by Ben Blatt and Andrew Mooney You can also read this post on the Boston Globe’s website here Bill Belichick and the postgame podium are notorious for being a lethally boring tandem. Week after week, he stymies reporters with concise … Continue reading

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NHL Team Spending and the Exchange Rate

by Ben Blatt Based on an idea that was discussed at last week’s HSAC meeting, I decided to do a short investigation to see how the exchange rate of the US dollar versus the Canadian dollar impacts team spending in … Continue reading

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Momentum in Baseball: Do Ninth Inning Rallies Carry Through Extra Innings?

by Ben Blatt In January, John published on our HSAC blog ‘Momentum in College Basketball: Do Late Rallies Carry Over to¬†Overtime?’. As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I was inspired by his research to see … Continue reading

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The Shortest Possible Baseball Road Trip

by Ben Blatt (You can also read the results from this post in the Wall Street Journal here) Every year thousands of baseball fans take long multi-city road trips to ballparks across the nation. When planning such a road trip, … Continue reading

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The Yahoo! Sports $60.85 Perfect Bracket Challenge

By Ben Blatt and Bobby Samuels Every year, when March Madness comes around, numerous sites offer huge jackpots to anyone who can perform the most hallowed feat in sports betting: filling out a perfect bracket. The prizes can be staggeringly … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of NBA Separation

by Ben Blatt and Arjun Modi Click Here to view the website Treating two actors that were in the same film as ‘connected’, the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon seeks to connect actors to Kevin Bacon in six links … Continue reading

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The NBA H-O-R-S-E Competition Was Mathematically Doomed

by Ben Blatt Perhaps the NBA was hoping for something out of a Larry Bird versus Michael Jordan McDonalds commercial when it debuted the NBA H-O-R-S-E competition two years ago. Instead, they got an excruciatingly slow paced game in which … Continue reading

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