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Ohio Basketball Streaks: Which Was More Improbable?

By Arjun Modi and Daniel Adler Going into this past weekend, two Ohio basketball teams were streaking, but within just 24 hours, both streaks were over.  On Friday evening, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 26 game losing streak mercifully ended when they … Continue reading

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4th and 1 Football Camp

By Daniel Adler This summer, I spent a week in mid-July in East Texas teaching SAT math at a football/life skills/SAT camp founded by Detroit Lions Assistant Secondary Coach (and Harvard Law+Kennedy school alum), Daron Roberts.  Even though this does … Continue reading

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Finally, A Post About Horseshoes and Cricket

By Daniel Adler Which athlete is the furthest from the rest of his sport?  Barry Bonds and his four seasons with on-base-percentages above .500 springs to mind.  So does Wilt Chamberlain and his 1961-62 season in which he averaged over … Continue reading

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Not a Post About LeBron…Sorta

Let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine that we still have a salary cap, but no maximum salary (similar to the NFL). Would LeBron, Bosh, and Wade be so willing to take A LOT less money to play together? True, they may sacrifice a couple million per season the way things stand now, but let’s say teams could offer as much of the cap as they wanted. Would LeBron pass up $45 million per year just to play with his buddies? How much does he really value winning/friendship/living in Tony Montana’s old house? Continue reading

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Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law–Inaugural Issue

Our sports inclined friends over at the law school have been very busy recently.  In addition to hosting visits from guests like NBPA head Billy Hunter and MLBPA chief Michael Weiner and organizing a sports law symposium on the upcoming … Continue reading

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The Loser’s Curse? Don’t Count On It

Is there evidence that losing the Super Bowl can be devastating for a franchise? Continue reading

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What is the chance of an NBA comeback when down by 35?

By Professor Carl Morris The Sacramento Kings came back to win on Monday night (Dec 21), when down by 35 points against the Bulls in Chicago with 20 minutes and 50 seconds (20:50) left.  When two even NBA teams play the chance that the trailing team would win from that situation is … Continue reading

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What Do Professional Athletes Have in Common With Bankers?

By Daniel Adler Today, we will examine two industries.  Neither produces a tangible product.  Both have close ties to the government and receive billions of dollars in government assistance.  Both pay their top performers millions of dollars. Wall Street firms … Continue reading

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Should Pitt Have Pulled a Westbrook? Does Brian Kelly Play Madden?

By Daniel Adler This article also appears on Huffington Post. Today’s de facto Big East Championship between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati provides us here at HSAC another chance to analyze some interesting late game coaching strategy.  Today, we will take a … Continue reading

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Pass the Victory, Please

By Daniel Adler Does throwing for over 300-yard mean success for the passer’s team?  It does, especially lately, according to an article by Michael David Smith in the Wall Street Journal.  Recently, the winning percentage for teams with a 300-yard … Continue reading

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