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Who is Really America’s Team?

by Ben Blatt Author’s Note: This post was prepared long ago, but Facebook itself coincidentally published a very similar study on Monday. There are many different findings between the two studies however, so I encourage you to read both. You … Continue reading

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The Optimal Strategy for Playing Squares

By Nick Jaroszewicz, Anthony Zonfrelli, and Harry Chiel It’s no secret that Super Bowl Sunday is a day full of betting. Super Bowl prop bets are notorious indulgences during America’s most watched game, and one of the most popular games … Continue reading

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HSAC on Grantland: There Is No Red Zone

HSAC appeared on Grantland today, examining how Expected Points in the NFL change across game states and how teams can use this information to win games. Read it here.

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Russell Wilson: 2012’s Most Valuable Player

By Kevin Meers This post analyzes who deserves the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award (spoiler alert: don’t read the title) based on some different criteria than most people have used. I want to focus on the word “valuable.” There are many … Continue reading

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When Do We Know How Good an NFL Team Really Is?

By Kevin Meers Almost everyone who makes predictions about the NFL tends to be overconfident: we think we are more accurate and more precise than we actually are. We like to think we know just how good every team is … Continue reading

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Embrace the Chaos: the NFL Playoffs and Variance

By Andrew Mooney For interested fan or gambler, the NFL playoffs can be infinitely maddening to comprehend. Those Cincinnati Bengals that had won seven of their last eight? Well, they’re out, held to just -6 passing yards in the first … Continue reading

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Early Returns on the NFL’s New OT Rules

By Andrew Mooney A couple weeks ago, I discussed the implications of one of the NFL’s recent rule changes, namely the movement of kickoffs from the 30-yard line to the 35. Though we don’t have quite as much evidence for it yet, … Continue reading

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Debunking the Trap Game and Letdown Game Myths

Yesterday, Aaron Schatz issued a challenge to his readership to prove the existence of a “trap game” or a “letdown game”. Both terms are thrown around in the media for almost every sport all the time, but I have not … Continue reading

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Please Do Not Throw Out the Record Books

It is the week of Thanksgiving, which means that we are in the midst of Rivalry Game season for college football. Of course, the most important game was played last Saturday, but I am given to understand that several other … Continue reading

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Thursday Nights and Injuries in the NFL

By Andrew Mooney Unveiled for the first time this year, the NFL’s season-long slate of Thursday night games has thus far produced mixed results, to put it kindly. The series is a not-so-subtle pimping of the NFL’s own premium cable … Continue reading

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