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Blackhawks vs. Heat: Which Streak is More Unlikely?

William Marks As of this writing, the Miami Heat have won 22 consecutive games. Meanwhile over in the NHL, from January 19th through March 6th, the Chicago Blackhawks earned at least one point in 24 consecutive games. While the Heat’s … Continue reading

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The 2012 World Series Effect: Is it better to enter a playoff series coming off a sweep or a seven-game win?

By Harry Chiel Every so often, a playoff series in the NHL, MLB, or NBA will be fought between a team that has just come off of a sweep and a team that has barely survived a competitive 7-game series. … Continue reading

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Movin’ Out: Evaluating Islanders’ Fandom in Brooklyn

By Scott Sherman The big news out of the National Hockey League this afternoon was not an end to the ongoing lockout, but instead surrounded the surprising announcement that the New York Islanders would move to Brooklyn in 2015. Future … Continue reading

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The Reading Level of Sports Writing

by Ben Blatt The last time we played around with sportswriter analytics, we wondered if we could algorithmically determine the author of a column based on his favorite words (we could). For a followup, I decided to look at the … Continue reading

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NHL Team Spending and the Exchange Rate

by Ben Blatt Based on an idea that was discussed at last week’s HSAC meeting, I decided to do a short investigation to see how the exchange rate of the US dollar versus the Canadian dollar impacts team spending in … Continue reading

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A History of Pro Sports Divisional Parity

By Daniel Granoff Two thirds of the way into the NHL season, the Los Angeles Kings are in last place in their division, on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. They were darlings of the preseason rankings and … Continue reading

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Do All-Star Games Predict Finals Winners? (Or, Another Reason not to Watch the Pro Bowl)

By David Roher Twitter follower Blake Barfield asked us last night if there was any correlation between the conference winner of the Pro Bowl and that of the Super Bowl. I decided to tackle this question for the NFL and … Continue reading

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