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HSAC on Grantland: There Is No Red Zone

HSAC appeared on Grantland today, examining how Expected Points in the NFL change across game states and how teams can use this information to win games. Read it here.

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Links We Like: Good Reads From the Week in Sports Analysis

We’re unveiling a weekly feature in which we compile our favorite pieces of sports analysis from the week that was. Here goes nothing: Nate Silver’s Analysis of the Baseball Hall of Fame Snubs: Nate takes a closer look at some of … Continue reading

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The ‘SAC Scours the Web: This Week’s Links

Compiled by John Ezekowitz A very interesting expected points analysis of whether to accept a 5-yard penalty for 1st and 5 or to decline and take 2nd and short. [Advanced NFL Statistics] A satirical look at trends in college football … Continue reading

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