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Lakers Resurgence: New Team or Regression to the Mean?

By Julian Ryan The Lakers have risen from the grave. Seemingly destined to hand over their lottery pick to the Suns for much of the season, the team has turned their season around and are now furiously battling it out … Continue reading

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Links We Like: 3/29/13

It’s been a while since our last set of links, but we’re back in force to bring you the best reads from around the web for your weekend reading. – Jeff Sullivan analyzes Justin Verlander’s $180 million contract at FanGraphs … Continue reading

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Blackhawks vs. Heat: Which Streak is More Unlikely?

William Marks As of this writing, the Miami Heat have won 22 consecutive games. Meanwhile over in the NHL, from January 19th through March 6th, the Chicago Blackhawks earned at least one point in 24 consecutive games. While the Heat’s … Continue reading

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National TV Rondo Actually Exists

By Ryan Fortin Throughout Rajon Rondo’s career, he has always shone under the spotlight. He is, of course, Boston’s best point guard and arguably the best player on the team. But as Grantland’s Bill Simmons has noted on occasion, he … Continue reading

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We Went There: The 1997 NBA Finals, Live From Pyongyang

By Cameron Dowd, Andrew Mooney, and Kevin Meers This post can also be seen at here. North Korean basketball enthusiasts have long remained anonymous, as their sport flew as far under the radar as most other objects in North Korea. But their … Continue reading

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NBA Role Players: Do They Actually Make a Difference? (Part 1)

By Ty Aderhold When one looks at the NBA, it is easy to see that it is a superstar-driven league.  Most experts will tell you it is almost impossible to win the championship without at least one superstar.[1] At the … Continue reading

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The Celtics Without Rondo

By Ryan Fortin On January 27th this year, Celtics fans across the country watched their favorite team beat the rival Miami Heat in an overtime thriller. Not many people celebrated, however, as the team’s star point guard, the future of … Continue reading

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The 2012 World Series Effect: Is it better to enter a playoff series coming off a sweep or a seven-game win?

By Harry Chiel Every so often, a playoff series in the NHL, MLB, or NBA will be fought between a team that has just come off of a sweep and a team that has barely survived a competitive 7-game series. … Continue reading

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Are the Knicks the Oldest Team in NBA History?

Since the New York Knicks signed 38-year-old Rasheed Wallace two weeks ago, there have been a plethora of articles and “hot takes” in the media about how the Knicks have become “the oldest team in NBA history.” Most appear to … Continue reading

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Coming Up Just Short: The Marginal Effect of Being a First Round Pick in the NBA Draft

Inspired by the work of my economics professor Roland G. Fryer on the marginal effect of getting into one of the three premier exam high schools in New York City on academic achievement, I decided to take a look at the … Continue reading

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