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NCAA Basketball: Unprecedented Upsets or Same Old Story?

By Julian Ryan *Editor’s Note: Written before Week 18 rankings published Is it really that crazy a college basketball season? Most college hoops fans would argue that this season has seen an unprecedented amount of upsets. Unlike last year, when … Continue reading

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Ohio Basketball Streaks: Which Was More Improbable?

By Arjun Modi and Daniel Adler Going into this past weekend, two Ohio basketball teams were streaking, but within just 24 hours, both streaks were over.  On Friday evening, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 26 game losing streak mercifully ended when they … Continue reading

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Momentum in College Basketball: Do Late Rallies Carry Over to Overtime?

By John Ezekowitz Of all the sports announcer’s tropes and standards, the concept of momentum may be the most often used and least well understood. Momentum is frequently cited as an important factor in deciding the outcome of games, but … Continue reading

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In Which an Infinite Number of Monkeys Brag About Picking Northern Iowa

By David Roher There are over nine quintillion ways to fill out your bracket, and over four hundred trillion ways to predict the first two rounds alone. Based on the craziness of the first four days of the tournament, I … Continue reading

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Predicting NCAA Tournament Upsets: Favorite Vulnerability

By John Ezekowitz On Tuesday, I looked at predicting upsets in the NCAA Tournament. Today I’m looking at which favorites are vulnerable to upsets. Again, I created a database of NCAA Tournament favorites’ tempo-free stat profiles using KenPom.com’s invaluable data.  … Continue reading

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Predicting NCAA Tournament Upsets: The Underdogs

By John Ezekowitz A few weeks ago, when I started analyzing the effects of tempo on NCAA Tournament upsets, I got a crazy idea: what if I could find a model that would predict factors of successful underdogs? I’ve always … Continue reading

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Ivy League Efficiency Margins, Week 2

By John Ezekowitz Last week, I took a look at the Efficiency Margins for Ivy League conference play so far this season. Since then, a momentous upset by the previously-lowly Penn Quakers over Cornell upset the Ivy order. After Princeton … Continue reading

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