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Analyzing the Lagged Effect of College Football Recruiting

By Kevin Meers Player projection is tricky, a process that gets less accurate when we have limited knowledge of the players we are trying to evaluate. Given our particular lack of information on high school players, in comparison to what … Continue reading

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The 2010 College Football Attendance Rankings

By Alex Koenig Earlier in the week I looked at trends in college football attendance, assessing the effect of a variety of factors on fan attendance from 2008 to 2010. Trends may be more telling than individual cases, but in … Continue reading

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What Factors Contribute to Attendance in College Football?

By Alex Koenig A while back, John Ezekowitz and I tackled the question of attendance in the NBA and whether or not there are “must-see” road teams. Not surprisingly, our study showed that the opponent’s winning % was the most … Continue reading

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Does Coach Age Predict Performance? (Yes, but be careful.)

By David Roher I’m introducing the Speed Limit Coaching Corollary. If the coach of your favorite team is older than 55, or if your team is about to hire someone who’s older than 55, there’s a good chance you should … Continue reading

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No Less Worth Despite Their Girth: A Study of Overweight Coaches

By David Roher If you missed Saturday’s post on RAP, a new college coaching stat, you should read it here. When Kansas’ Mark Mangino and Notre Dame’s Charlie Weis departed at the end of the regular season, many took the … Continue reading

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Introducing RAP: A New Stat for College Coaches

By David Roher Coach evaluation is a difficult task to approach analytically. I’m currently working on a paper on NBA coaching with other HSAC members, and it’s been very difficult work. Coaches can’t be held entirely responsible for the action … Continue reading

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Should Pitt Have Pulled a Westbrook? Does Brian Kelly Play Madden?

By Daniel Adler This article also appears on Huffington Post. Today’s de facto Big East Championship between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati provides us here at HSAC another chance to analyze some interesting late game coaching strategy.  Today, we will take a … Continue reading

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Yet Another Article on a Controversial 4th Down Call from a New England Team…Yale

By David Roher Harvard and Yale played their 126th football game (known around these parts simply as “The Game”) yesterday. We elected not to do a preview on the blog because the outcome was obviously a near certainty. However, it … Continue reading

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