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The New Golf Math: Bringing the Stat Revolution to the PGA Tour

By John Ezekowitz While other sports such as baseball and basketball have had statistical revolutions over the past decade or so, golf has been stuck in the stats dark ages. Watch a PGA Tour broadcast and you will see the … Continue reading

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How will Tiger do? A Statistical Look at Returns from Scandals Past

And that last part is kind of the point of this exercise. When Tiger does come back, the media is going to assign some causality to the current scandal, even if there is none whatsoever. If he’s bad early, it’ll because he’s distracted. If he dominates, it’ll be because he’s turned over a new leaf. The pattern is as predictable as it is stupid. My guess is that Tiger will continue to play golf the way that he did before. Maybe he’ll struggle in the first few tournaments, but he’ll round back into form pretty quickly. Continue reading

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Predictors of PGA Tour Scoring Average: Does the Driver Matter?

By John Ezekowitz The beauty of golf lies in its apparent simplicity: the goal is to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. So many factors go into getting the ball into that hole, however, … Continue reading

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