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Scott Howard vs. Teen Wolf or Steve Nash vs. ‘Nique Wilkins

by Alex Koenig The debate over Teen Wolf is at bottom a debate over the soul of basketball, and that’s one reason even people who are not Bill Simmons talk about the movie today. Let’s just state the question plainly. Who, … Continue reading

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Ohio Basketball Streaks: Which Was More Improbable?

By Arjun Modi and Daniel Adler Going into this past weekend, two Ohio basketball teams were streaking, but within just 24 hours, both streaks were over.  On Friday evening, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 26 game losing streak mercifully ended when they … Continue reading

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Back to Back Blues? The Effect of Road Trips in the Ivy League

By John Ezekowitz Basketball coaches do not universally agree on much, but I think there are two things they would all agree on: if given the choice, they would rather play at home, and would rather play with more rest. … Continue reading

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Late Game Timeouts Part II: What Happens When Trailing

By John Ezekowitz Two weeks ago, I published the first part of my late game timeout study from the 2009-2010 season. I found that when the score was tied, not calling a timeout was more effective than calling a timeout. … Continue reading

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Late Game Timeouts: If the Game is Tied, Let Them Play

By John Ezekowitz Last week I began my analysis of intentionally fouling while up three at the end of college basketball games with the story of Tom Izzo’s split second decision not to call timeout with his team down in … Continue reading

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How to Draw Fouls and Win Close Basketball Games: Don’t Call Timeout?

By John Ezekowitz After first writing about the decision to intentionally foul when up three, I’m continuing my analysis of the very end of close college basketball games by examining how calling a timeout affects whether or not a foul … Continue reading

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Up Three, Time Running Out, Do We Foul? The First Comprehensive CBB Analysis

By John Ezekowitz Back in March, Maryland and Michigan State played one of the best final minutes of an NCAA Tournament game in recent memory. Down two points with a timeout left after a Greivis Vasquez layup, the Spartans pushed … Continue reading

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