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Where Every Team Is Above Average: Home-Field Advantage and its Effects on Revenue

By David Roher Had an incredible time at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference yesterday. I got to tell so many people how long I’d been reading their books and blogs, or how important they were to my becoming interested in … Continue reading

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Ivy League Efficiency Margins, Week 2

By John Ezekowitz Last week, I took a look at the Efficiency Margins for Ivy League conference play so far this season. Since then, a momentous upset by the previously-lowly Penn Quakers over Cornell upset the Ivy order. After Princeton … Continue reading

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Jordan Eludes Defenders, and Three-Game Losing Streaks

By Ben Blatt See the updated math below the original post. There’s no shortage of ways to describe Michael Jordan’s greatness. But here’s a particularly astonishing one: MJ was never part of a three-game losing streak from November 1990 until … Continue reading

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Ivy League Hoops and Efficiency Margins

By John Ezekowitz One very effective statistical measure to analyze college basketball is Efficiency Margin. The concept behind EM, like a lot of the best stats, is sublimely simple: track how many points per possession teams score and allow, and … Continue reading

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What is the chance of an NBA comeback when down by 35?

By Professor Carl Morris The Sacramento Kings came back to win on Monday night (Dec 21), when down by 35 points against the Bulls in Chicago with 20 minutes and 50 seconds (20:50) left.  When two even NBA teams play the chance that the trailing team would win from that situation is … Continue reading

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Consistency: The One Thing The Nets Are Good At? Part 1 of a Series.

By David Roher Consistency is funny. We usually consider it a good thing to have, and we remember prolonged, steady excellence for a long time. Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak. Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games. Oscar Robertson’s 1962-season-average triple-double. Takeru … Continue reading

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