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Winners’ Take vs Losers’ Take: A Mathematical Look at Pick-up Basketball Rules

By Ben Blatt Before starting a pick-up basketball game the question usually arises: “Are we playing winners’ take or losers’ take?”. The difference in rules is that with winners’ take the team that scores gets to keep possession of the … Continue reading

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Optimal H-O-R-S-E Strategy

By Ben Blatt (You can also a version of this post in the Wall Street Journal here) For someone with so little basketball skill, I’ve been playing a lot of H-O-R-S-E in the basketball/squash court of Lowell House basement. I’ve … Continue reading

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What is the chance of an NBA comeback when down by 35?

By Professor Carl Morris The Sacramento Kings came back to win on Monday night (Dec 21), when down by 35 points against the Bulls in Chicago with 20 minutes and 50 seconds (20:50) left.  When two even NBA teams play the chance that the trailing team would win from that situation is … Continue reading

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Tony Sparano: Not One for Counting or Brilliant Mathematician?

By Daniel Adler Here at the Sports Analysis Collective, we often do some pretty complex analysis.  However, this post is about something at which this guy excels.  One thing that has always interested me is a coach’s decision of when … Continue reading

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The Swing Game

By David Roher Update: An astute commenter below pointed out a key mathematical error that I made. The corrected values on the table are in italics. It seems that every game in a short series gets classified as either a … Continue reading

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