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Winners’ Take vs Losers’ Take: A Mathematical Look at Pick-up Basketball Rules

By Ben Blatt Before starting a pick-up basketball game the question usually arises: “Are we playing winners’ take or losers’ take?”. The difference in rules is that with winners’ take the team that scores gets to keep possession of the … Continue reading

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The Art of an NFL Comeback

By Will McMillan Mismanagement of the clock as the game or the half winds down seems to be a part of NFL culture; we all know that the way in which a team’s final possession is handled, right down to … Continue reading

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Optimal H-O-R-S-E Strategy

By Ben Blatt (You can also a version of this post in the Wall Street Journal here) For someone with so little basketball skill, I’ve been playing a lot of H-O-R-S-E in the basketball/squash court of Lowell House basement. I’ve … Continue reading

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HSAC featured in Harvard Crimson

On December 3rd, Harvard Crimson writer Christina McClintock published ‘Pair of Students Get Jobs in Pros.’ The article focuses on HSAC and basketball analytics. Read it here.

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