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Predicting the Polls Week 9: AP and Coaches’ Poll

By John Ezekowitz and Chris Bruce Last week, we introduced our methodology for predicting the college football AP Poll before it came out. This week, we continue our prediction series and add the Coaches’ Poll, which is calculated as part … Continue reading

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NHL Team Spending and the Exchange Rate

by Ben Blatt Based on an idea that was discussed at last week’s HSAC meeting, I decided to do a short investigation to see how the exchange rate of the US dollar versus the Canadian dollar impacts team spending in … Continue reading

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Predicting the College Football Polls

By Chris Bruce and John Ezekowitz The poll ranking system in college football is essentially a popularity contest – sportswriters and coaches vote by ranking the teams, and the results are compiled into the AP and Coaches Poll respectively. You … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Carson Palmer Trade

By Alex Koenig Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that the Oakland Raiders traded their two first-round picks in the upcoming drafts (2013 is conditional, and will turn into a second round pick if they don’t make … Continue reading

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How Much Does Vegas Learn?

19th century mathematician and genius Francis Galton, the man who invented the regression line (for which we at HSAC are forever indebted), once found himself at a country fair with a peculiar contest: who could guess the exact weight of … Continue reading

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