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To Kneel or Not to Kneel: An Analysis of Touchbacks

By Andrew Mooney A year and a half into the NFL’s amended kickoff rules, it’s safe to say they’ve achieved their intended purpose. In 2010, 16.4 percent of kickoffs resulted in touchbacks; a year later, that number rose to 43.5 … Continue reading

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Debunking the Idea of a Shift Back to Running the Football

by Nick Jaroszewicz With running backs like Marshawn Lynch, Frank Gore, BenJarvis Green-Ellis showing that feature backs are back in style, and Chris Johnson finally coming around, many are saying that the pendulum is swinging back to the running game. … Continue reading

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Why the Baltimore Ravens are the Decade’s Best Closer

By Andrew Mooney The Patriots blew a fourth-quarter lead in Seattle two weeks ago and nearly did so against the Jets last week. But before the “Brady’s a choker!” train gets any momentum, I’d like to insert a word of … Continue reading

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Movin’ Out: Evaluating Islanders’ Fandom in Brooklyn

By Scott Sherman The big news out of the National Hockey League this afternoon was not an end to the ongoing lockout, but instead surrounded the surprising announcement that the New York Islanders would move to Brooklyn in 2015. Future … Continue reading

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Is Parity Increasing in the NFL? An Early Look at the 2012 Season Trends

by Cameron Dowd This year a disproportionate number of teams seems to be hovering around a mediocre .500 record. For instance, heading into this weekend, the entire AFC East was 3-3, another 6 teams had a 3-3 record, and five other … Continue reading

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The Wave of Young Quarterbacks and the Effects of Experience on Performance

by Cameron Dowd The wave of the young signal callers is upon us. This year there are five rookies and five second-year quarterbacks starting from opening day. Over the past ten seasons there has never been a year in which … Continue reading

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Are the Knicks the Oldest Team in NBA History?

Since the New York Knicks signed 38-year-old Rasheed Wallace two weeks ago, there have been a plethora of articles and “hot takes” in the media about how the Knicks have become “the oldest team in NBA history.” Most appear to … Continue reading

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A Call for Sanity: Start Ryan Mathews

by Sam Waters Since this was written, the Chargers have played their Week 5 game. Jackie Battle started, but Mathews received more touches. Mathews still ceded goal line carries and late-game snaps to third stringer Ronnie Brown. Prior to his … Continue reading

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The Seahawks and the NFL’s Best Home Field Advantage

by Andrew Mooney A road game in the NFL can be a daunting proposition. Facing a sufficiently amped home crowd, a team has to worry about things they normally wouldn’t at home: snap counts, hearing play calls, and hey, what … Continue reading

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