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The Biggest Over and Under Achievers in the NFL

by Kevin Meers The lists below are based on my previous analysis on the NFL draft using the Career Approximate Value from The Overachievers

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How to Value NFL Draft Picks

by Kevin Meers Through 12 weeks of the season, most franchises in the National Football League know whether they are in the playoff hunt or if they need to start prepping for the draft: The Green Bay Packers and San … Continue reading

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A Statistical Analysis of the Miracles of Tim Tebow

By Chris Bruce and Andrew Mooney You can find an update of this post including another two weeks of games here. You can also read this post here on Over the first 5 weeks of the NFL season, the Kyle … Continue reading

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Making Sense of the Chaos: A BCS Prediction Model

By John Ezekowitz and Chris Bruce Over the past few weeks, we have been predicting the college football polls. We were surprised by how predictable moves in these polls turned out to be. This got us thinking: what if we … Continue reading

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Predicting the Polls Week 12: An All-SEC BCS Title Game?

By Chris Bruce and John Ezekowitz This is the latest in our series of attempts to predict the college football polls. For previous weeks, see posts from week 11, week 10,  week 9, and week 8 (which includes our methodology) Three of the top … Continue reading

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Nothing Has Changed About NFL Injuries

(Ed note: Huge thanks to the guys at TeamRankings for providing the dataset) By Kevin Meers Over halfway through the NFL season, many are still discussing the perceived effects of the lockout this summer. Washington Redskin Chris Cooley recently said … Continue reading

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Mike Smith Was Right

by Kevin Meers Statisticians usually complain that NFL coaches do not go for it enough on fourth down. They usually take the “safe” way out of 4th and short and punt the ball, going for the most publicly appealing choice … Continue reading

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