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Links We Like: Good Reads From the Week of Jan. 28

Visualizing paths to Cooperstown, via FlowingData. Brian Burke studies whether being clutch is a persistent skill in the NFL. Just how little do Super Bowl ads cost major companies? Our own Professor Goldsberry looks at which NBA players own which spots on the floor. The Guardian … Continue reading

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Bert Blyleven Got In Because Voters Are Irrational, And Other Hall Of Fame Revelations (Follow-up from Deadspin Post)

By David Roher We’re very excited to announce a new weekly-ish column for Deadspin called “Regressions.” I asked for “The John Salley Story Corner,” but it was apparently taken. The pieces won’t be too different from the ones you see … Continue reading

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What Went Wrong with the Hall of Fame Vote

By David Roher It seems to me that most of the negative response to this afternoon’s Hall of Fame vote is going to be focused on Andre Dawson’s getting in, which is unfortunate. I wouldn’t have voted for him, but … Continue reading

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