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Profile of an NFL Fanbase: Are all 13 year old girls bandwagon fans?

by Ben Blatt This is the final post in a series of three on NFL fandom. The first two can be read here and here. To the typical male football fan it may be depressing, but certainly not surprising, to … Continue reading

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Who is UK’s Team? Or more importantly, who is Mexico’s Team?

by Ben Blatt This is post number two in a series of three posts on NFL fandom. The other two can be read here or here. It’s no secret with the NFL scheduled to play regular season games in London … Continue reading

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Who is Really America’s Team?

by Ben Blatt Author’s Note: This post was prepared long ago, but Facebook itself coincidentally published a very similar study on Monday. There are many different findings between the two studies however, so I encourage you to read both. You … Continue reading

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Finding the True Border Between Yankee and Red Sox Nation Using Facebook Data

by Ben Blatt A version of this post can be read in the Wall Street Journal here. Like all sports rivalries, picking a side in the Red Sox-Yankee rivalry is almost entirely geographic. Everyone knows as you drive through the … Continue reading

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The Reading Level of Sports Writing

by Ben Blatt The last time we played around with sportswriter analytics, we wondered if we could algorithmically determine the author of a column based on his favorite words (we could). For a followup, I decided to look at the … Continue reading

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Ron Artest and Hennessey Cognac

by Ben Blatt Of all the crazy things Ron Artest/Metta World Peace has done, one of the most notable is admitting to drinking during halftime up until the end of his 2002 season on the Bulls. Sure Gatorade may be … Continue reading

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Roll-Lin in the Dough:Jeremy Lin, Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and the MSG Stock Price

This was post number two as part of the Harvard Sports Analysis Collective’s Linsanity Day. You can read the other posts here,  here, here, or here. by  Harry Chiel and Ben Blatt In his meteoric rise over the past two … Continue reading

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