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Extend the NFL Season? 18 Weeks, Not 18 Games

By Ari Rubin One of the key points of contention in NFL’s collective-bargaining has been the issue of an extended, 18-game season. While owners would like to see the increased revenue of two extra weeks, players worry about the increased … Continue reading

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4th and 1 Football Camp

By Daniel Adler This summer, I spent a week in mid-July in East Texas teaching SAT math at a football/life skills/SAT camp founded by Detroit Lions Assistant Secondary Coach (and Harvard Law+Kennedy school alum), Daron Roberts.  Even though this does … Continue reading

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Where Every Team Is Above Average: Home-Field Advantage and its Effects on Revenue

By David Roher Had an incredible time at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference yesterday. I got to tell so many people how long I’d been reading their books and blogs, or how important they were to my becoming interested in … Continue reading

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The Loser’s Curse? Don’t Count On It

Is there evidence that losing the Super Bowl can be devastating for a franchise? Continue reading

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Part II: The NFL Wedge Ban & Its Effect on Kick Returns (Super Bowl Hype Edition)

By Jonathan Adler Earlier this season, I examined whether the NFL wedge blocking ban had meaningfully affected kickoff returns through the first eight games. (View November’s post) Back then, at the season’s midway point, I found that the wedge ban … Continue reading

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Weighing In On NFL Running Backs: Is Bigger Always Better?

By Jake Fisher and Elizabeth Fryman NFL running backs come in all shapes and sizes. Relative to other backs, Darren McFadden is tall (6’2) and skinny (210 lbs). Jerome Bettis was average (5’11) and large (255 lbs). The question we … Continue reading

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Should Pitt Have Pulled a Westbrook? Does Brian Kelly Play Madden?

By Daniel Adler This article also appears on Huffington Post. Today’s de facto Big East Championship between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati provides us here at HSAC another chance to analyze some interesting late game coaching strategy.  Today, we will take a … Continue reading

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Pass the Victory, Please

By Daniel Adler Does throwing for over 300-yard mean success for the passer’s team?  It does, especially lately, according to an article by Michael David Smith in the Wall Street Journal.  Recently, the winning percentage for teams with a 300-yard … Continue reading

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Yet Another Article on a Controversial 4th Down Call from a New England Team…Yale

By David Roher Harvard and Yale played their 126th football game (known around these parts simply as “The Game”) yesterday. We elected not to do a preview on the blog because the outcome was obviously a near certainty. However, it … Continue reading

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Belichick’s Decision: Flip a Coin, or Trust your Team?

By David Roher If you write, talk, or scream about football for a living, you probably had something to say about Bill Belichick’s decision last night. In short, the Patriots had the ball with just over 2 minutes to go … Continue reading

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