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We Went There: The 1997 NBA Finals, Live From Pyongyang

By Cameron Dowd, Andrew Mooney, and Kevin Meers This post can also be seen at here. North Korean basketball enthusiasts have long remained anonymous, as their sport flew as far under the radar as most other objects in North Korea. But their … Continue reading

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It’d Take Trey Parker A Million Years To Lose, And Other Statistical Oddities Of BASEketball

BASEketball was released in 1998, and while the film did manage to catch director David Zucker before his career free fall had taken him from the heights of Naked Gun to the depths of Scary Movie 4, it was in … Continue reading

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Reverse-Engineering Our New Computer Overlords: Watson, Jeopardy, and Sports Decision Making

By David Roher Watson closed the pod bay door on Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter last night, bringing the IBM robot’s 2-game Jeopardy total to over $77,000.  Humans are still the kings of awful robot-pop-culture references (QED), but our monopoly … Continue reading

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2010: The Year in Injuries

By David Roher (Also appears on Deadspin.)

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Unnecessary Inference and Undisputed Authorship: Bill Simmons, Jason Whitlock, and Rick Reilly

By Ben Blatt In 1964, Mosteller and Wallace published Inference and Disputed Authorship: The Federalist. The paper used statistical analysis to try to determine if James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, or John Jay was the author of the unaccredited essays that … Continue reading

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What Predicts ATP Tennis Rankings? Hint: It’s Not Break Points

By Andrew Cohen With the conclusion of the last tennis major of the year, the US Open, and the return of football on Sundays, the sport has been returned to its status as an afterthought for American sports fans. Interestingly, … Continue reading

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Finally, A Post About Horseshoes and Cricket

By Daniel Adler Which athlete is the furthest from the rest of his sport?  Barry Bonds and his four seasons with on-base-percentages above .500 springs to mind.  So does Wilt Chamberlain and his 1961-62 season in which he averaged over … Continue reading

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HSAC at MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

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Carl Morris’ look at the US Open

During the time we were transferring to this new blog, our faculty advisor, Carl Morris, analyzed Serena Williams’ outburst at last month’s US Open.  Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about Prof. Morris’ calculations.  Better late … Continue reading

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